June 7th Newsletter

K2 Newsletters

June 7th, 2013

In Language and Unit of Inquiry, we are finishing up our Alphabet Story Book and we are up to the letter V. We have been reading individual stories from each child and talking about different ways to express ourselves through stories. We have been reading many stories and drawing pictures to represent their understanding of the story. The children get excited to create their own stories and share them with the class. We discussed the difference between a real factual story and a make-believe story. We read the book “The Little Red Hen” and then watched the film afterwards. We talked about the differences and similarities of the book and movie. Next week, we will be wrapping up our Unit of Inquiry and finishing up our Alphabet Story Book.

 In Math, we have reviewed patterns, preposition words, positional words, non-standard measurement, playing the dice game, guessing jar, graphs, addition, subtraction and talking about comparative math language.

 Our last week of school, we will be having a fun week with every day having a special theme.

 Monday- Sunglass Day

 Tuesday- Pajama Day

 Wednesday- K3 Graduation Concert- (Ung-Ing, Yara, Alize, Ploy, Alexandria and Ronya will wear ballerina outfits and dress up as pigs. Elizabeth, Nuan, Caleb and David will wear brown outfits and dress up as wolves. Till-Till, Atsuto, Alex and Porsche will dress up as trolls and wear a dark green outfit. Please prepare your children with these colored clothes because they will be putting on a play during the K3 graduation concert.

 Thursday- Colorful Day: Dress up with as many colors as you can!

 Friday- Hat Day: wear your favorite hat

 K3 Graduation concert is on Wednesday June 12th at MBC and starts at 9:30 am. If you are taking your child home after the concert please let the classroom teacher know. Friday, June 14th is the last day of school and it will end at 1:00 pm.

 Have a nice weekend.

K2 Team 


K2 Newsletter- May 31st


K2 Newsletter

May 31st, 2013


 In our Unit of Inquiry, We read the book “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” by Eric Carle and the children had to pick out the different parts of the book and draw a picture of the beginning, middle and end. The children understand the different elements of a story and are able to draw the different events easily. Next week, we will have a few discussions about the difference between a real story and a made-up story (for example Robin Hood vs. Pinocchio)

 In Language, we are finishing up our Alphabet Storybook and we have been reading individual stories from each student. In addition, we have also been reading many types of books including: fairy tales, myths, legends and factual books. We will be reflecting on the stories we read in class.


 In Math, we have been reviewing addition, preposition words, patterns and positional words. Next week, we will work on subtraction with many different activities to get the children comfortable with it. The children are in the developing stage at this time and by next year they will have a bigger focus on subtraction and addition.

 School is wrapping up with just two more weeks left. The children are looking forward to moving onto K3 next year.

 Have a lovely weekend.

K2 Team 

K2 NewsletterMay 23rd 2013  In our Unit of Inquiry,

K2 Newsletter

May 23rd 2013


 In our Unit of Inquiry, we have had discussions about the different ways to express stories and how stories make us feel. On Tuesday, we had a discussion of the structure of stories. We talked about the Beginning, the Middle and the End of a story. We read the book “The Little Red Hen” by Michael Foreman and the children had to pick out the different parts of the book and draw a picture of the beginning, middle and end. We have been reading stories and enjoying individual stories from each child. Next week, we will be reading individual stories from 5 more students.

 In Math, we have focused on verbal and written patterns up to four parts or more. We did a measuring activity in the classroom using unifex cubes and a day full of puzzles. Next week, we will be reviewing positional words and addition.

 In Language, we have been working on our Alphabet Storybook and we will be on letter M for Monday. The children have been using their imagination and coming up with great stories about each letter. We will be working on the Alphabet Storybook until school finishes.

 The last week of school, June 10th– 14th, we will be having a week of dress up and fun! Each day will have a “theme”. Monday is Sunglass Day, Tuesday is Pajama Day, Wednesday is graduation and we will dress up as characters in a book, Thursday is Wacky Rainbow Dress Up Day and Friday is our last day of school celebration which will be filled with movies, face painting and arts and crafts.


 Have a lovely three day weekend.

K2 Team


May 17th, 2013 Newsletter

K2 Newsletter

May 17, 2013

 This week for our Unit of Inquiry, we have been creating individual stories and sharing them with the class. Children have been bringing their own favorite books from home for sharing. We have created a mini flip book and the creativity in these books was nice to see. We read the book The Lion and the Mouse by Bernadette Watts and then did a drawing of our favorite part of the book.

 In Language, we have been creating our Alphabet Story Book and we are up to Letter H. The children are coming up with detailed and imaginative stories about the objects they choose to draw. This project will build their vocabulary and writing skills which will later help them in K3.

 In Math, we focused on Symmetry and drew the other side of their self-portraits. We are focusing on non-standard measurements and choosing things around the classroom to measure with unifex cubes. The children have been choosing big things to measure; they seem to have confidence in their measurement.

Next Friday, May 24th, there is no school because of the annual Buddhist holiday celebrating the birth, enlightenment and death of Gautama Buddha which is called Vesak Bucha Day.

Have a Ron Mak ka weekend and enjoy.

K2 Team 

May 10th Newsletter

K2 Newsletter

May 10th, 2013

 This week we have been looking at the different ways to express stories. Children said we can do this by dancing, puppetry, plays, rhyming and simply read a book. We will continue to discuss and explore all the different ways to tell a story. We will also look into how we express ourselves through stories which is one of our key concepts, reflection. We have been reading many books and as teachers we have seen an increase in the children’s interest in our book corner and the library.  Again, if any parent is interested in coming to read in front of the class in your own native language, please let the class teacher know, thank you.

 In Language, we have been reviewing our Alphabet by making an Alphabet Story Book which includes: drawing of things that start with the letter, a sentence and making up a story with the items drawn. We will be continuing this project until the end of the school year.  We will also be working on Individual Stories that will be read in front of the class and then turned into a picture book.

 In Math, we measured using string and rulers around the classroom. We also did an activity where we measured certain body parts with string and unifex cubes. We will be doing more activities dealing with non standard measurements. We did partner addition using manipulatives and a whiteboard which turned out to be a great activity. We have reviewed the four basic shapes and after made patterns with the shapes. 

**Make sure to bring a swimsuit for swimming on Wednesdays**


** For Show-N-Tell please bring a favorite book to school to share with the class**

 Have a nice weekend,

K2 Team

K2 Newsletter- May 3rd 2013

K2 Newsletter

May 3rd 2013

 The Student Led Conferences on Wednesday went smoothly. We talked about the SLC with the children after the conferences and they thought they did a good job showing the parents around the classroom and sharing their knowledge. As a teacher, it was nice to see the children lead their parents with such confidence.

 We have started out new Unit of Inquiry, Stories. I asked the question to the children, “What is a story?” and we came up with answers such as: sentences, words, letters, title, character and mom and dad read to me. We discussed the dynamics of a story such as the characters, the storyline and the pictures in a story. We talked about why a title is important to a story and what we can figure out from just reading the title. We will be reading A LOT of stories this quarter and learning about all the different types of stories. We read The Three Bears and did a drawing afterwards. They were able to re-tell the story in good detail.

 In Math, we have been reviewing our numbers 1-20 and patterns. We will be focusing on measurment for the next week.  We will be looking at all the non-standard ways to measure, for example, using string and unifex cubes to measure body parts and things around the room.

 In Language, we reviewed all of our letters A-Z and have been filling up our Story Journal with drawings of stories we read throughout the week. We will be creating class stories starting on Monday which the children will fully enjoy I am sure. Reading groups are going well and the children find it special to have these small reading groups on a weekly basis. Throughout this quarter, we will be going back to each letter and reviewing with different activities. 

 Have a nice weekend!

I hope all the parents enjoyed the Student Led Conference; it was a delight to see the parent/student interactions throughout the day.






March 29th, 2013 Newsletter

K2 Newsletter

March 29th, 2013 

The last week of school and we wrapped up our third UOI, On the Move. The children grasped the Central Idea: People transport themselves and goods in different ways. The three main concepts covered throughout this unit were: Types and purposes of transport (Form), How do different types of transportation move (Function) and How transportation helps us stay connected (Connection). Their knowledge has been extended in knowing more transportation in the world, and now they know a wider range of vehicles which include: Submarine, Hot Air Balloon, Hover Craft, Unicycle and different types of boats. The children are now able to understand that safety in a transportation vehicle is important and it is different for each vehicle. The children say “If we don’t have any transportation, then we cannot come to school and we cannot learn, and we cannot be smart.”

 In Math, we reviewed our numbers 1-20, preposition words, ordinal numbers and patterns. We have continued learning about simple addition using Unifex Cubes. We did a measuring activity where we measured ourselves using Unifex Cubes and then counted to see how many we were. We discussed what a ruler is and that it has 12 inches on it. We went around the room and measured what we could find.

 In Language, we studied the letter Y,y and we came up with a Y Story plus a drawing to go with the story. When we get back, we will study the letter Z,z. Please bring a Show-N-Tell item for the letter Z for Friday. We have been reading stories in order to “Tune-in” for our next unit, Stories.

 Summer time is here! Enjoy the three week holiday and Happy Songkran to everyone! J Be safe and see you on Monday, April 22nd.

 K2 Team





K2 Newsletter- March 22nd, 2013

K2 Newsletter

March 22md, 2013

What was your favorite part of “I Love to Read Week”

Ploy-Miss Lauren dressed up as a pig          Elizabeth- Looking at the Pirate (play)

Alex- I like to see Pirates               Ung-Ing- Dress up as Princess

Atsuto-Make animals for door             Alexandria- Dress up like a Cinderella

Caleb- Seeing the Pirates                      David- Cover door in the jungle

Porsche- Dinosaur Book         Aryasha-Reading              Ronya- To Read!

Yara- Painting for the door                 Nuan- I like to read Barbie Heart


 I Love to Read Week has been wonderful! We have had many festivities and activities throughout the week. Every class created a Book Cover Door Display and they turned out fantastic. They will be up on the doors all next week, so if you have time please come have a look. The trip up to the MBC to watch Pirates, performed by our own APIS students, turned out to be a nice learning experience for our next UOI, Stories. The children had a chance to see and meet the older kids up on the main boarding campus. It was nice to see all the students dress up as a “champion” for dress up day on Thursday. The performance by K3 and Grade 1 on Friday for assembly was phenomenal! It was nice for our children in K2 to see such good role-models performing.

 In Math, we have been reviewing our numbers, preposition words and positional words. We have focused out attention on Adding numbers up to 10. We will start adding higher numbers up to 20 next week. We created a Caterpillar pattern piece of art and the children had a blast making them.

*Practice adding simple numbers using both hands for example 1+1=2, 2+2=4, 3+3=6) Your children will know how to do this activity so let them be the leaders J

 In Language, we are on letter Xx and we created an X story. Next week we will be looking into letter Yy. We read a lot of stories this week for I Love to Read Week and have started Reading Groups 20 minutes a day. The children enjoyed the morning readings from APIK teachers at assembly every morning this week. I wan to say thank you to Hannah, our librarian, for putting “I Love to Read Week” together.

 Have a great weekend!

K2 Team

K2 Newsletter March 15, 2013

K2 Newsletter

March 15, 2013

What transportation vehicle did you make?


Atsuto-Make the jet and rocketship    Elizabeth- Airplane and a train

Ung-Ing- A sailboat                Ronya- I made a sailboat

Nuan- I make a car                  Porsche- I make a car

Ploy- I made a car                                  Yara- airplane

Till-Till- A big bus                  Atsuto- Make the jet and the rocketship

Aryasha- Rocketship                              Caleb- A rocketship

Alexandria-A big boat (yacht)                        David- A train

 Yesterday, we traveled to Wing 41, the airplane museum and we saw jet fighters, air liners, old war planes, rain planes and a USA plane that had landed for repairs. The children were excited to have a chance to hop into the planes and pretend to fly them! The children were able to touch the torpedoes from the old war fighter planes that are no longer in use. The children asked many questions to the pilot about the planes and overall the fieldtrip was a success. It would be great if you could ask questions to your children about the fieldtrip to re-cap their memories.

 In Language, we are on the letter W. We created a W story and came up with many W words. Every week, we review the letters we studied and we practice the sounds of each letter as well. Next week we will study the letter X.

**Next week, we will have “I Love to Read Week” which will include many activities and performances. We will have a Book Swap in the library on Tuesday, a dress up day of your favorite champion and we will also see “Pirates”, a performance the older students are doing on Thursday at the Main Boarding Campus. This performance is a ‘Tuning In’ for our fourth Unit of Inquiry, Stories. On Friday, we will have “I Love to Read Week” Assembly with many performances and all parents are welcome to join!

 In Math, we have covered all our numbers 1-20 but we will be reviewing these numbers every week. We have started simple adding which the children have picked up quite easily. The children seem to be adding things around the classroom now that we have discussed addition. The children seem to know their preposition words and their ordinal (position) numbers very well but we will still be reviewing these every week.

 **Please return the permission slip for allowing your child to go up to the main boarding campus to see “Pirates” the play. **

 Please note that we will not have swimming until Quarter 4 because of the temperature of the pool. We will have regular P.E. class every Monday and Wednesday for Quarter 3.

 Have a good weekend.


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k2 Newsletter: March 1st 2013

 K2 Newsletter

March 1, 2013

 In our Unit of Inquiry, we are still looking into the safety of transportation. We have reviewed the similarities and differences of different vehicles. We are still discussing how transportation helps or hurts the world and the children are starting to understand this concept. Next week, we will be reviewing how different transportation moves and how transportation helps us stay connected. The children will be using their research skills in our upcoming fieldtrip to the Fire truck Station on Thursday March 7th. ***Please make sure to sign the permission slip for the field trip by next Monday, March 4th, Thank you. ***

 In Math, we have studied the number 19 and we have reviewed our ordinal numbers 1-10 and the children are starting to grasp these positional numbers. We reviewed our preposition words (next to, underneath, behind, on top of, in front of, through and around). We used math vocabulary such as long, longer and longest and made a drawing to represent these words. The children will be able to identify, compare and describe attributes of manipulatives using math vocabulary related to weight and length (shorter, heavier, lighter, more, less, hotter, colder).  Next week, we will study the number 20!

In Language, we have studied the letter U, u. We made a U story with 9 U’s and the children were able to re-tell the story to me with great detail. We have been looking at stories and talking about the main character and the setting. Next week, we will study the letter V,v. Please remember to have your children bring a Show-N-Tell item. J

 ** A reminder: Next week, on Thursday March 7th, both K2 classes will be traveling to the Fire Truck Station across from the American Consulate to gain first hand knowledge of the Key Concepts in our Unit of Inquiry: form, function and connection.***

 Swimming has started! Please make sure to bring goggles, a swimsuit and a towel every Monday and Wednesday.

 Thank you and have a fantastic weekend J

 K2 Team